Our team

Our team is made up of highly-qualified and experienced staff.


We currently are a team of 11, but always in the lookout for the right people to enhance out team.


Our team prioritise on the quality of the services we provide to ensure maximum benefits for our clients.


Below Our Team:-

Adrian Avellano (Managing Director)

Tatjana Avellano (Office Assistant/Director)

Jesus Macias (Building Services Engineer)

Liam Perera (Building Services CoW)

Viktorija Lenaija (EPC Assessor)

Daniel Valiente Martinez (Building Services Engineer)

Candice Joy Marsh (Building Services & Sustainable Energy Engineer)

Irene Aviles Barciela (Building Services CoW)

Julian Wahnon (Fire Engineer)

Ismael Guillen Izuma (Building Services CoW)

Aurora Bueno Vinagre (Junio Building Services Engineer)